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IT Consultation Services

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Drivedge to create a comprehensive IT strategy

Drivedge Offers

IT Strategy Consulting The Latest Tech

We consistently keep track of emerging technologies to deliver advanced software solutions.

It is very important that one develops an IT strategy that is centered around their business’s needs. At Drivedge, we work with your team to develop an IT strategy that is aimed exclusively at your business and helps you grow. We cater to all your needs from taking care of business process optimization to consulting the technical implementations of the strategy. It is not just this, we provide after deployment support to ensure that your business faces no troubles when implementing the strategy. We ensure to keep you updated with each step and use our knowledge and experience to the fullest to deliver great results. If you are looking forward to a network that has the expertise, resources and professional support you are at the right place.

Our services

Focused on Industry Best Practices and Benchmarks

Our certified consultants provide analysis and insights designed to identify problem areas and transform processes for greater efficiency, fewer errors and faster response times.

Certified Itil & Black Belt Experts

We boast a proficient team of ITIL Black Belt experts who are well-versed in Six Sigma Philosophies and Principles. Our IT sector is adept at utilizing ITIL frameworks and providing insights to execute the projects effectively and seek positive results. From managing risks to ensuring top-notch services, we have got your back at every step.

Benchmarking & Kpi Assessment

Measure the progress of your organization toward your long-term goals and objectives with our proficient team. We will evaluate all the factors using reliable tools to focus on the overall development of the company. Our team adopts the KPI method which not only highlights areas that need improvement but also shares your company’s strengths.

Roadmap Aligned To Your Objectives

Selecting the right course of action and an effective path to your organizational goal can be a hard nut to crack. With us at your service, you get suggestions that are viable, economical and attainable within the available time. We take care of every specification and suggest solutions to cater to individual needs.

Results-based Accountability

Once we promise to help you achieve your goals and objectives, we won’t budge an inch. Our team will be by your side at every step and constantly take follow up. In case you face any stumbling block, we will be there to address at the earliest.

IT Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing services provide external tech support to deliver IT-enabled business processes, infrastructure, and applications.

IT Consulting Process That We Follow

For us, consulting not only about gathering data and offering solutions but adding value to our clients and offering the most innovative and suitable solutions.



We cannot provide you with the best solutions until we know about your future objectives, strategies, technologies, and other important aspects of the business. Hence, we start by discovering strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, technologies used, issues, growth, etc., about your business.



After having all the data and information, we will assess where the problem lies. This is done by evaluating the software or technology that you are using, what’s missing in your system, how it can be improved, and more. Our IT consultants adopt an organized and consistent approach to assess your business.



Now that we have all the required information, we will create some strong and effective ideas. Our proposed solutions are mostly meant to address your most critical problems so that it is fixed for the long-term and you can work without any hassle. Rest assured that we will come up with the best plan within your budget.


Follow Up

Once we commit to helping you with the best IT solution for your business, we won’t budge an inch. Hence, we stay in touch with you after deploying software or website to ensure that everything is smooth and great. If you face any technical issue, then you can connect with us anytime and we will look after the problem.

Business Intelligence

Gain competitive advantage with our Business Intelligence Services that help enhance profitability and analyze the data of your enterprise.

Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services We Offer Include.

Our information technology consulting firm delivers custom IT consultancy services covering a variety of business technology strategies.

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

Wide range of customized solutions made to meet varying demands of business including solutions that are based on software, hardware and other custom resources hosted on cloud.

Governance, Risk And Compliance

Governance, Risk And Compliance

Enjoy our enhanced governance, risk and compliance services for your business and leverage advantage of innovative approach for meeting demands of stakeholders and move ahead of uncertainty.

IT Assessments

IT Assessments

Increase profitability of your organization with our IT Assessments services aimed to find relevant information helpful in making strategies and meeting demands of customers while leveraging technologies.

IT Strategy And Planning

IT Strategy And Planning

Make correct technology and infrastructure decisions with our IT strategy and planning services that help achieve targets with development of IT plan to optimize, consolidate, migrate and expand.

Grow your business

What Our Clients Are Saying?

IT Advisory

We help you formulate a design or strategy to offer end-to-end IT advisory solutions. We bring your IT resources in alignment with your business needs to deliver the results that are specifically designed for your brand.

We audit your IT environment, including network complexity, applications, integrations, data warehouses, databases, and development infrastructure. We audit your IT environment, including network complexity, applications, integrations, data warehouses, databases, and development infrastructure.

Devise a full-scale IT strategy for the modernization of the existing IT system or introduction of new digital technologies.

Our team explores your business processes and identifies inefficiencies that hamper performance or business initiatives.

IT modernization

Drivedge offers IT consulting services that include comprehensive development solutions to meet your business requirements. We also optimize costly maintenance of obsolete technologies to improve their impact.

Our experts investigate the code and infrastructure of long-running business applications.

We plan improvements to your software with re-coding, re-architecturing, and platform migration.

We also implement all the changes to upgrade your legacy software.

IT Consulting FAQs

When you start a new business from scratch or introduce a new product to your audiences, you must think about all the aspects involved in the process. You need powerful and effective resources to reach target customers in the modern digital market. That is where a US IT consulting services company helps you by offering the required expertise and implementing a value-driven business strategy. A team of professionals brings years of experience, knowledge about the modern market, and profound technical skills. End-to-end services automate business processes through the latest technologies and tools to build custom solutions.

As the competition between powerful brands across industries is getting fierce and tough, IT consulting service agencies US provide a solid strategy that occupies the market niche and reaches target audiences. Technical consultants work on various business strategies for every organization and its products and services. Also, they create and deliver cutting-edge tech solutions to help their clients stay ahead of the competition, meet customer needs, and generate higher revenue. IT consultants in the United States work as agents between project development teams and clients, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Their focus is to adhere to the latest trends, keep up with the changes, and adapt to them seamlessly.
Yes, there are a plethora of IT consulting firms in the US offering varied solutions but A3logics stands out for its dedication, performance, and quality. Here are the reasons to choose us as your consultants:
  •  We have been in the industry for over 18 years, working with dynamic clients on various technologies by bringing highly qualified professionals.
  •  Our team helps businesses and clients, be it small, medium, or large enterprises to optimize their services and results.
  •  Our IT experts come up with the best and innovative ideas and unique tech products based on specific IT structures, needs, and software requirements.
  •  Our IT consultants analyze the weakest and strongest spots, make changes wherever required, and implement strategies for the best results.
  •  We not only suggest the right technologies and methodologies, including AR, blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud computing, and more to accelerate business growth and enhance performance.
When you seek tech solutions for your venture, an IT consultation service is the first step where experts collect all the information about your business, including strengths, weaknesses, competition, trends, and more. After analyzing all the aspects and factors involved, they provide the most suitable solution, creating a roadmap to reach the target. IT consulting is beyond advising as experts help you reach your IT goals and build the most appropriate environment. They also implement, manage, and assess the IT infrastructure and optimize IT footprints to improve the overall operations.
The aim of IT consulting services firm USA is to help businesses and brands achieve success by advising and managing IT infrastructure. Our US IT consultants guide you throughout the process so you can attain your objectives through IT solutions. Whether it’s auditing IT infrastructure, architecture, IT health checks, design advice, project management, or disaster recovery planning, our professional tech experts and project consultants provide a range of services to meet your specific business requirements.
What makes our IT consultation services US different from others is our client-focused approach. Our only focus is the outcome that you want to reach and not just implementing the right technology. Drivedge has a certified and skilled team working across the globe for clients from different domains. We have collaborated with thousands of clients and major brands, delivering the best solution every time and creating exceptional success stories. Our team also provides expert guidance and advice that you can rely on and supports internal IT infrastructure. Also, we make sure to secure the most important technology assets.
Our IT consulting services US are aimed at the improvement of your entire software architecture, enhancement of operations, and development of tech-based digital strategy by optimizing your IT portfolio. In this fast-changing world with high standards of performance and services required to keep up, you need a team of IT professionals to make a smooth and cost-effective transition. We migrate your system from an outdated one to the new system within the promised time frame. To help you stay competitive and meet the needs of modern customers, we offer an array of services, including

  •  Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery
  •  Governance, Risk, And Compliance
  •  IT Assessments
  •  IT Strategy And Planning
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