“Do I need CMMS?” Maintenance Manager

Assets can never last forever, and all plant & equipment has associated with it some predefined life expectancy or operational life. The design life of most equipment requires periodic planned maintenance or component repair or component replacement.    But then being a maintenance manager, you might wonder, Do I need any system to control my maintenance activity?   

What is the indicator that you need CMMS?  

Let us run through a quick questionnaire about your plant.

  • Are you occupied with paperwork forever, causing backlogs and non-productive time?
  • Are you struggling with locating required documents, manuals, SOPs when needed?
  • Are you purchasing items already in stock and running out of items most needed?
  • Are you underutilizing time and potential of your resources?
  • Are your Maintenance PM Plans being off the sync with Production Plan frequently?
  • Are your overall maintenance costs increasing?
    – Do you measure, control, and improve on:
    – Average time between failures (MTBF)
    – Average time to repair (MTTR)
    – Breakdown Reasons
    – Cost of spares, labour each Breakdown and Preventive Maintenance
    – Opportunity Cost of each Breakdown and Preventive Maintenance
  • Do you have a preventive maintenance program in place which is adhered efficiently?
  • Do you keep data about all the maintenance tasks in one place which can be accessed in future?
  • Do you have effective communication between your maintenance team resources?
  • Do you have resource skill matrix and skill development program for maintenance teams?
  • Do you have control over spares inventory costs and spares utilisation?
  • Do you have data about fast-moving, slow moving and dead inventory?
  • Do you need to reduce human errors while PM/repair maintenance?
  • Do you feel it is needed to go digital and organized in maintenance management vertical?

Honest answers to the above questions would lead you to : Yes! you need CMMS. 

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