Resource Incompetency Cost


A Well organized continual skill program is necessary for the maintenance department as it is a mix of many techno-functional areas where any wrong step costs Hugh to the organization.

Have you ever thought of the cost of incompetency?

There are consequences from a poorly trained maintenance staff:

  1. Increased maintenance costs
  2. Extended downtime
  3. Unsafe acts
  4. Unorganized efforts
  5. Low Motivated teams
  6. Stressed work environment

Plant needs are not going to be the same all the time hence maintenance staff needs to be ready. Hence Training program has to be one of the most important items on the maintenance Roadmap. Training is often considered a cost, but it is an investment in the right direction.

Connect CMMS has state of an art training management solution integrated with CMMS modules and continual improvement which facilitates maintenance teams with personalized Skill Metrix and skill enhancement program with a reward system.