Drivedge has a strong CRM practice in the areas of MS Dynamics, Oracle, and
DrivEdge iCompass CRM framework. Our Implementation experience across
sectors such as BFSI, Service, Telecom, Distribution and Manufacturing.

iCompass CRM is a complete entity-based model supports today’s complex
environment by enabling collaborative business planning. Includes
role-specific functionality-account teams can collaboratively plan, execute,
and measure sales progress. With advanced capabilities for planning and
coordination across all channels, and dashboard and reports iCompass CRM is
the end-to-end solution that helps you adapt quickly to changing business
needs and drive business growth. It helps to coordinate planning and
execution across teams, Improve collaboration across key account managers
and marketing to boost execution and deliver a personalized customer
experience. Thus it can enhance your customer engagement model by leveraging
the latest process best practices, learning what works and evolving quickly.

Capture, manage, and monitor contact and account information for potential
opportunities. Maximize visibility into each prospective sale – and
implement selling methodologies based on best practices.

. Opportunity planning
Create detailed plans of important sales figures (particularly for
long-running projects), and analyze accumulated planning figures to provide
a solid foundation for sales and production planning.

. Team selling
Extend and orchestrate the activities of your sales team to boost
collaboration and efficiency.

. Sales process and Tracking

Leverage standardized best practice methodologies to ensure efficient sales

. Opportunity to Order Closure
Identify trends that influence won/lost deals. Increase visibility into
expected revenues, the opportunity pipeline, progress, and sales