Drivedge has implemented content management systems (CMS) for clients in various industries. A custom-tailored, scalable CMS solution grows with you, opening up content development to more providers in more places, at any time. Drivedge can work with you to create a plan for content development and maintenance. We also have services to review and edit content so it is clean, consistent, and professional.

All website content, whether in the form of PDFs, images, Microsoft Office files, or HTML content is managed through an assigned administrator (or administrators). Edited files can be checked in for review before publishing, and any published content that needs to be removed can be removed or reverted to a previous version, going all the way back to its original form. Other CMS benefits include: setting start and expiration dates for content; SEO for individual content pieces; instantaneous site-wide changes for styles, legal disclosures, and company information; free and/or restricted user access to various content; and other custom processes for your individual needs.The Content Management System (CMS) framework offers flexibility to programmatically manipulate, update, add, remove, organize content the way you want it. Now if you consider everything that a human sees on his screen as digital content, this opens up an endless possibility to create CMS driven web and mobile applications that realize almost any conceivable use case.

Domain Capability:

  • EduBiz (Educational) ERP for large educational institute in India
    with around 15000 students
  • EduBiz (Educational) ERP for Cambridge Education School
  • EduBiz (Educational) ERP for Delhi Public World School

WordPress Experience: